Phatcat Charters

Craig Deans  Tel 07814 941932

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Booking & deposits

In the first instance check availability with Craig and confirm the required date with him.

Please note a booking is provisional until requested deposit is paid.

Anyone booking a trip must provide their name, phone number & email address.

The skipper will contact the person who has booked the trip the day before the trip to confirm all is ok for the trip to go ahead. If the skipper is unable to contact you or you have not heard from the skipper then you must make the effort to contact the skipper.

If customer is booking the whole boat then a £150 deposit is required. Final balance of payment is payable on the day of the trip in cash at the agreed price at time of booking. If a member of your party does not turn up then their money will still need to be paid.

Individuals will be required to pay their payment in full in cash on the day of the trip

Terms and Conditions

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Cancellations by customer

If a group wish to finish early they will still be expected to pay the full trip cost.

If customer cancels their trip 7 days or less before their trip date then they will still be liable for full payment.

If customer cancels their trip between 28 and 8 days before their trip date then they will lose their deposit.

If customer cancels their trip between more than 28 days before their trip date a full refund will be given, or an alternative trip reserved.

Cancellations by Phatcat Charters

If for any reason the trip is cancelled by Phatcat Charters then customer will receive their deposit back in full unless payment has been paid by PayPal then a 3% deduction for PayPal fees will be incurred.

Phatcat Charters is not liable for any loss that may be incurred to the customer if the trip is cancelled by us.

If a refund is requested, please allow up to 14 days for this to be processed.

Phatcat Charters has the right to cancel the trip at any time including the morning of the trip date should forecast or illness require the trip to be cancelled.

If trip becomes unsafe then Phatcat Charters has the right to end the trip early but full amount is still payable.

Alcohol & drugs

Drugs are NOT permitted.

Alcohol may be consumed in moderation.

If any drugs or excessive alcohol abuse occurs then the trip will end instantly, NO refund will be given and FULL payment will still be required.


All safety instructions given by the skipper must be complied with.

Children under 16 MUST be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

It is up to the parent or guardian of any child whether or not children are to wear lifejackets.

Boat & equipment

Any damage or loss of equipment being used by the customer will be charged at replacement or repair cost.

Any damage to the boat, Phatcat, by the customer will be charged to the customer at standard repair costs.

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