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Bristol Channel (Cardiff)

Bristol Channel Fish Species


The Bristol Channel has the second highest rise and fall of tides anywhere in the world, the waters go from clear to silty brown, resulting in a huge variety of fish species.


The Cod season tends to start at the end of August and runs right through to the middle of May, although the best catches come when it is much colder between October and January, not only becuase it is cold but the Cod feed vigorously in preparation for spawning, then again in March and April which is generally known as the spring run of Cod.


Bass appear in number inshore from May onwards


All the rays, including thornback, blonde, spoteed and small eyed are resident most of year except during the coldest months.


When May arrives attention turns to smoothound and some good fish well into double figures are caught, also good sized huss, tope to 50lbs are also in numbers.


The wrecks further west are productive from June onwards giving quality pollack up to 18lbs.


Bristol Channel fishing bait


The most used bait in the bristol channel is worm and fish.

Fish baits especially need to be a fresh as you can possibly get, it does make a difference (except to doggies).

Lugworm (brown coloured blow lug and black lug)

Ragworm, Mackerel, Herring and Sprats, Squid, Peeler Crab, Sandeel


For cod and general species you'll not beat black lug or king rag baits, and make them big, at least 9ins long.

Squid works well both as a tipping bait, or whole for the bigger cod and bass.

Conger like a small pout or whiting. Edible and shore peeler crab is good for bass and smoothound over rough ground.

Frozen sandeel is the best bait for the small eyed and spotted rays, with mackerel and herring strips okay for tope, conger etc




Shark Fishing Charters


We will take you on your ultimate fishing trip, targeting sharks. Phatcat Charters has a very successful record in catching sharks with  65  caught in a single day in the 2014 season, with weights in excess of 100lbs.

The success is due to the experience of the skipper in taking customers to the best locations, in fixing the traces, using the best bait, and the skill in landing the sharks. Phatcat is perfect for sea fishing as it offers a stable fishing platform when the sea gets choppy. In addition, the fast cruising speed allows for less travelling time and more fishing time.


Phatcat operates a strict catch and release policy when shark fishing in order to conserve stocks and to treat these magnificent creatures with respect. Barb-free hooks and a special hook extraction tool ensure the release of the shark is as pain-free as possible.


The following sharks have been caught off Milford Haven:


Porbeagle, the UK's biggest game fish

Blue shark



Milford Haven (West Wales)

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